Momentum Matters

When was the last time your broke ground on a project? One of the challenges that small towns face is they are often spending more time fixing leaks than pouring new sidewalks or sweeping streets. You can't ignore the leaks, but you can't afford to ignore the power of momentum in your community.

One piece of advice that I have given over and over is that if you haven't poured a sidewalk lately, go pour one.  If you haven't trimmed a tree this season, go trim one. Communities thrive on progress. It is part of what gives us all hope. Small towns live and die by the energy you get from the people that live there. For those that have lived or still live in a small town, you know what I am talking about. Will our town 'survive'?

Just like after a hard fall, sometimes the best thing you can do is get up and walk it out. Make 2012 the year you don't stop walking. Pace yourself, and keep focused on moving forward one small step at a time.