New transparency website launched in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs has launched a new website -

It includes Payroll, Revenue, Pensions, Spending, and Tax Credit data and graphs.  They did a great job bringing these categories together.  I can't tell where they got the data from but I suspect it is hooked up to  Nevertheless, this site shows how opening up data can turn into disparate projects beyond the vision of the government providing the data.

So #gov20 community, check it out and send them your feedback.

I have only two constructive criticisms. First, hire a designer.  The site feels like a dot com site from the late 90s.  Design shouldn't matter, but it does, especially if you are wanting to attract many Gen X, Y, or Millennials.  Secondly, it is generally not a good idea to require people to log in for them to be able to access the basic data. The 6th Principle of OpenData is
6. Access Must Be Non-Discriminatory
Data are available to anyone, with no requirement of registration.
 I suspect this is something that may go away in time. (fingers crossed).

All-in-all, job well done OCPA!